Soil poisoning, consisting of promarily weed, and termite control, is a crucial factor to keep in mind when building a new structure.

Underground termites can cause massive financial damage, by undermining and compromising the structural integrity of untreated foundations.  These silent pests are able to chew through wooden structures and eventually cause the collapse of eaves, beams and other supporting structures.

Soil poisoning is one of the very first steps in the building process.

Before the laying of a foundation, the ground beneath the structure needs to be treated for underground termites. The  process involves the drilling of holes – one meter apart – around the perimeter of the foundations. Termiticides are then pumped into the soil in order to saturate the ground. Our soil poisening is done by a pest control company that’s registered with the South African Pest Control Association (SAPCA). This makes sure  that the treatment is done thoroughly and effectively, and that the chemicals are used, are non-toxic to humans and animals.

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